Running, cycling and men’s health – does sport affect their potency?

How do running, cycling and men’s health relate to each other? It is scientifically proven that sport has a beneficial impact on male health. But can too much active training have a negative effect?

Cycling and men’s health

The impact of cycling on potency in most cases is positive, as any sport strengthens the body and makes a man have more endurance.

Pros of cycling as regards potency:

– when cycling faster, it improves blood circulation in the lower body;
– it strengthens the cardiovascular system that ensures the normal circulation of blood in the body (including the pelvis);
– regular cycling minimizes the likelihood of varicose veins and vascular dystonia (which in turn can cause problems with potency).

– a prolonged stay in one position (seating) can lead to numbness and poor circulation in the pelvic organs (this can be avoided by sometimes standing up, as do professional athletes);
– the risk of injury in the fall (injury to the genitals can lead to impotence).

How does running affects potency?

The positive effect of running on a man’s potency is proven. No wonder it is used for the prevention of sexual dysfunction and prostatitis. Running calms the runner (nervousness and tension disappear), improves the blood circulation in the pelvic organs, and allows you to control your body and train your muscles.

Besides, running is a great way to get into shape, since, as it is commonly known, obesity can often cause erectile dysfunction. Doctors have been observed that men who are regularly engaged in running, can also quit smoking much easier (smoking being another provocateur of impotence).

What to do if you already have problems with potency?

If you have impotence or prostatitis symptoms, you must firstly contact a special doctor, who will be able to understand the cause of erectile dysfunction and prescribe the correct treatment.

Even if you are a supporter of traditional medicine, before taking a variety of teas and infusions, consult with a specialist, because self-treatment can be quite dangerous. For potency, it is also useful to eat vegetables, fruits, fish oil, and nuts. Try to diversify your diet.

For improving the symptoms of erectile dysfunction there are great medications available, like Viagra. It increases not only endurance but also sexual desire. Experience the full benefits of an improved sexual life today!

Running and cycling are beneficial to male potency, but only if done in moderation rather than taken to extremes, and you make sure not to overload your body.