Jeremiah: recovery after operations
I am 32, after the urethra rupture and a few months cystostomy, then two plastic operations of the urethra, firstly, I had a painful erection, and then it disappeared completely. After the surgery and voiding recovery, I began to take Viagra, especially since my urologist advised it for a long time. The magic result was immediate.

Raymond: prostatitis
Any disease treatment has to be trusted entirely to high-quality professional and especially such a complex disease as prostatitis. But articles here are really enlightening. Read all the material with interest.

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Felix: sports
After reading the information here, I began more running and cycling, as a warm up in the morning, I’m sure that both directions only give a positive result, moreover, they keep my body shape. But what may be a problem is smoking.

Russell: object of desire
My own experiments could demonstrate that the result is when there is a desired object and I personally have a desire, but if I have a poor erection, Viagra provides me such an enjoyable opportunity, but in fact, if there is no sex desire or no attractive object, so any pill works!!!

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