Poor potency at a young age: what factors and negative influence can provoke it?

What can provoke such a problem in the body? Some people believe that a violation of erectile function is a problem only among older adult men, but, unfortunately, sexual disorders today may also be found in those who still are less than 35 years old. However, this disorder can be avoided.

Poor potency at a young age: causes

The causes of erectile dysfunction at 50 years of age are more apparent than at 20 or 30 years. But even when found in the youth, male potency may be reduced. The causes can be very diverse. Unfortunately, many young people today do not try to adhere to the proper way of life, have bad habits, overuse alcohol, and are not active.

Provocateurs may also be the presence of inflammation of the pelvic organs and diseases of various organs and systems. The polluted environment also has a negative influence on various functions in males.

Impotence types at a young age

Depending on facts that provoked the appearance of erectile dysfunction, there are several types of it.

1. Organic. The disease of the cardiovascular system, hormonal disruptions and various pathologies may provoke these problems. Stagnant processes in the circulatory system may slow down the blood flow to the genitals. Damaged blood vessels really complicate filling the penis with blood.

This situation may arise as a consequence of diabetes or atherosclerosis. An increased amount of harmful cholesterol may also act to prevent proper blood circulation in the body. So here impotence is a symptom, which indicates a progressive disease.

The defeat of the central nervous system and brain damage may also prevent the passage of nerve impulses in the cavernous body of the penis. As a result, males will be lack the ability to get a full erection, or end up only with a very weak and unstable one.

2. Psychological. The problem is with the way a man relates to sexual intimacy. Problems may occur due to trauma, which a man could sustain earlier in life. Ironically, the large role in this is played by a partner.

It is worth noting that psychological complexity is the first step on the way to impotence. Many young males are dissatisfied with the size of their sexual dignity and doubt their own abilities, programming themselves in advance to fail.

3. Iatrogenic. In this case, male impotence is the result of taking various kinds of drugs, which could adversely affect the erectile function. Such an effect is generally made by substances contained in antidepressants, steroids,  and drugs for an elimination of diseases of the cardiovascular system.

Treatment of reduced potency

In order to prevent poor potency at a young age, you need to change your lifestyle, perform daily exercises and a special set of exercises, and get rid of bad habits.

You also may apply to medications, like Viagra. Before you begin its to use, you need to be sure to consult a doctor. The regular using of this pill will help you regain confidence and your own abilities. Do not forget to check the for the possibility of prostatitis.