Can the use of Viagra at the age of 50 years affect the potency and whether its cancellation can affect the deterioration?
Having no organic, endocrine disorders, there is possible just the effect of a “psychic” dependence, that is the “insecurity” without the pill. In the presence of vascular problems, androgen deficiency, other organic pathologies, cancellation of the drug may worsen erection in varying degrees, depending on the mix of pathogenic factors.

What is the optimal Viagra dosing regimen?
The drug is available in dosages from 25 to 100mg. The use should be started at the minimal dosage, which is marked with stable positive effect. Note that the greater amount of the active substance you use, the more likely and more intense side effects will occur.

Can I buy Viagra 100mg and just divide in half, whether the effect is the same?
In the past, there were different opinions that Viagra was uniformly added with uniformly with substances so people should not divide the tablet. But nowadays it is confirmed that sildenafil is thoroughly mixed with excipients, disintegrants, binders and other excipients to give a tablet its form. So, yes, exactly half of 100mg is equivalent to 50mg of sildenafil.

What will happen if I consume 2 tablets of Viagra? Will it work harder and longer? Is it too dangerous?
It may depend on the pill. It is established a secure maximum dose of 100mg. If you take 2 pills each of 100mg, it is unlikely will operate longer. Stronger – yes, but you may have a painful prolonged erection, headache and other negative effects.

May I consume viagra along with alcohol or not?
The conclusion is simple – this medicament may be consumed simultaneously with alcohol, but never ignore that the number of alcoholic beverages should be moderated.

Is it possible to consume Viagra by insulin-dependent diabetes?
Yes, this medicament may be used by diabetes, but with such diseases, I would recommend you to get small dosage, as a result – better tolerability in patients with diabetes.

How long may I use my Viagra (in years) if I am already 38 years old May I take it every weekend having no harm to health?
There are no severe restrictions on the duration of taking it. This ancillary drug may be surely taken at any age. But still, there should not be any particular treatment contraindications. Everyone may find out full contraindications for its using in the instructions. The medicament safety could confirm a lot of clinical trials, but you must not consume it more than 1 in a day.

What is the real validity of Viagra pills, four or six hours in fact?
Officially, it is four hours. But depending on the physiology it may last up to six hours. Even your consumed food may influence on how fast it starts working in your body and also on its validity period.

My man during years is suffering from chronic prostatitis. He is undergoing treatment, but still, the problem returns each time. We are dreaming of having a baby, but in fact is it safe?
Prostatitis among males during unprotected sexual act may cause inflammatory processes in the female urogenital sphere. Planning a pregnancy should be with no exceptions in remission period. Both partners are surely examined by a medical representative. After a medical representative will understand the body state of each partner, he may surely provide you with an appropriate advice.